Company profile:

Techno Sarand Tabriz (TST) In 2004, Techno Sarand Tabriz (TST) began to operate in its exclusive scope of activities. By the help of God, the company has managed to preserve its ranking as the greatest producer of screen-related items in Iran over the last thirteen years. Later on, TST set out to produce steel, anti-abrasion screen mesh in all sizes according to the German model. The company has also been supplying parts for asphalt plants and sand-washing mines. In 2011, TST became the sales agency for Sahand Rubber conveyor belts in several Iranian provinces including Zanjan, Ardebil, East and West Azarbaijan, while being selected as the sole sales agency of Turkish Derby (under the brand of Maraton) across the country. TST has been extensively involved in export of screens and accessories to neighboring countries in the Middle East.


Executive statement:

Relying on God’s immeasurable grace, we have been successfully taking steps toward fulfillment of economic policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran, i.e. economic growth, flourishing the domestic production, stable job creation, development of exports rate and transfer of know-how to next generations.


Corporate objectives:

TST has been mainly seeking to improve quality and accuracy in production. The company is proud of its highly specialized knowledge, advanced and flexible production lines, a competent chain of manufacturers, creative, motivated, skilled and accountable human capital, which have contributed to constant improvement and fulfillment of stakeholder satisfaction with production processes, industrial promotion of the country and preservation of the natural environments.