Conveyor belt

General-purpose conveyor belt:

This is one of the most common types of belts used in industries such as cement, rocks, gypsum, fertilizer, brick and cartoning pottery, airport, mines and so on.


Abrasion-resistant conveyor belt:

Being more resistant to abrasion than general-purpose belts, this type of conveyor has rubber coating according to DIN 22102. Abrasion-resistant conveyor belt is mostly employed in industries such as quartz, rocks, glass, pyrite, iron, zinc, limestone and hot furnace waste.


Heat-resistant conveyor belts:

hese belts are used to carry hot materials at temperatures up to 60 °C:

T1:Maximum temperature of materials at 100 °C

T2:Maximum temperature of materials at 125 °C

T3:Maximum temperature of materials at 150 °C